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Zoom Service Instruction (02 May 2020 @ 9.38 p. m.)

Zoom Service Instruction (02 May 2020 @ 9.38 p. m.)

by Admin Law -
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Dear LEARN Zoom Users

This is to update you about ongoing Zoom issue.  Zoom is yet to fix the issue which is beyond our control.

According to our investigation, what has happened is that Zoom has stated a system upgrade last night to address the security concerns had, but failed to completed in servers of our region. We hope it will be back to normal soon. But for safe side, please consider to avoid scheduling meeting until it was confirmed fixed. Also kindly consider to postpone meeting/lectures already scheduled to be on tomorrow.

However if you have an urgent meeting couldn't be postponed, we can temporary move your account from on premise to cloud so that you can have the meeting, but kindly note that then your ISP will charge for data usage. Please let us know if such a requirement.

We shall let you know if any updates. Please excuse us for the inconvenience.

Thank you

LEARN Zoom Admin